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How to Evaluate Cat and Dog Accommodation Facilities


In times of family emergencies, illness or travel, pet owners have to decide on what they should do with their pets. Some owners try to resolve the situation by taking the pets along with them and discover a whole new world of issues including runaway pets, travel-induced pet illnesses, and hotel restrictions. Fortunately, pet owners requiring substitute pet care can utilize the services of professional cat and dog accommodation facilities.

However, an integral part of pet care is ensuring that the facility you choose is ethical and competent. The information listed below will help you evaluate, select and work with a professional local pet boarding facility. The goals are meant to:

  • Provide your pet with a safe and happy boarding experience
  • Allow you enjoy the time you are away from home knowing that your pet is receiving the best care

Determining Dog and Cat Boarding Kennels in Brisbane

Once you find local kennels, it is critical that you determine the best one through:

  • Calling the kennel and finding out if they will accommodate your pet
  • Making a personal visit to the kennel to determine if it is satisfactory

General Appearance

Once at the cat and/or dog accommodation facility, make sure that they follow daily clean-up procedures regularly. The kennel should smell and look neat and clean. Most kennel operators will proudly show off their kennels; however, some will not permit visitors to the housing compartments. The reasons for the establishment of the “No Visitors” policy include:

  • Some dogs are likely to react in unpredictable ways to the presence of strangers. The behavior can lead them to becoming excessively aggressive or fearful leading to the development of intestinal problems or even injuries
  • Such facilities are likely to have stringent disinfecting procedures that help keep out contagious agents from the kennels

However, such a dog or cat motel facility should provide its visitors with a viewing window that lets you see where your dear pet will stay.

During the visits to local kennels, you are likely to come across different types of kennel designs. While some kennel plans provide for outdoor/indoor runs, others are completely enclosed. Each design brings along with it a set of benefits, and you should find out from the kennel operator the advantages of the system used.


While on your trip, your pet might decide to come and look for you. Due to this, your pet can escape inexperienced individuals watching over it. A pet hotel should have in place mechanisms that prevent these kinds of incidents.


The pet boarding facility you finally settle on ought to be free of objects your pet can swallow, harmful chemicals and sharp objects. The sleeping quarters (primary enclosures) should have sturdy dividers between your pet and other boarders. This helps promote safety and ensure your pet will sleep and relax without being challenged by neighbors. The exercise areas should also have barriers and surfaces that offer excellent traction even in wet conditions.

Acacia Ridge Pet Resort is a unique cat and dog accommodation facility that offers grassed exercise yards, snuggly toys and blankets, and luxury suites for pampered pets. The professionals also offer special long-term offers, discounts, and rates to ensure that you and your pet are happy.

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