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House Repairs 101: Common Skylight Issues and Repairs

Bringing the sunlight in your house is genuinely a terrific advantage. Not just will it assist you to save on energy costs, you will also get to take pleasure in the health benefits of natural sunshine. This can only be possible when you have actually skylights installed in your home. There are a lot of brand names to select from like the velux roof windows shops offer, for example, to help illuminate your house. Nevertheless, regardless of all the benefits that skylights or velux roof windows deal, the drawback is similarly big.

Building energy specialists think that skylights are weak links in the house’s envelope. They are prone to extreme temperatures and pressures. When you plan to install skylights Melbourne Eastern Suburbs specialists provide, take note of these problems that you ought to not neglect:


Most leakages on roof skylight happen around the flashing. You will just notice when the issue is currently extreme like when the frame starts decomposing and the drywall bends and buckles. Routine examinations from professionals may assist avoid this problem.

Cannot Stand the Glare and Fading

If you have skylights set up in a sunny location of your house, either east or west, be really cautious. Sunlight can get in through the skylight over 3 times as that of a routine window of the very same size. Furnishings and flooring fading might take place due to excess daylight. One way to resolve this predicament is to choose skylights that have UV filters or have them installed in such a way that does not enable direct sunlight into space. Visit us at Custom Skylights

Overheating and Heat Loss

Much like windows, heat will leave out of the house during the winter season or enter into it during the summer season at a much faster rate, especially if you choose the vented kind of skylight. If you are not so worried about ventilation, you can go for solar tubes, or consider a polycarbonate aerogel insulated skylight. You can also keep your velux roof windows at a minimum size to minimize undesirable heat gain and loss or choose the proper glazing in addition to skylight covers. If you have actually skylights set up in a warm location of your home, either east or west, be extremely mindful. You can likewise keep your skylight at a minimum size to lower undesirable heat gain and loss or pick the proper glazing as well as skylight covers.

Wear and Tear

Given that numerous skylights utilize gaskets, deck seals, adhesive underlayment, and flashing, you have to enjoy out for wear and tear. The great thing that skylight repairs specialists use have a 10-year service warranty paired with their trademarked Deck Seal Technology that permits you to enjoy your skylights without fretting about possible leaks.


The above are just a couple of skylight problems that the majority of homeowners stress over. To make sure that your skylights will last longer, have certified contractors install them for you. You can likewise call these experts for any skylight repair work you may need.

The good thing that velux roof windows contractors offer have a 10-year service warranty combined with their patented Deck Seal Technology that permits you to enjoy your skylights without stressing about possible leakages. For more information on the velux roof windows and other skylight packages and units available in your locality, check reliable websites like http://customskylights.com.au.