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Four Key Areas to Look into a Dog Motel

When you are looking for a dog motel has, you probably have a few things in your mind already. However, the most important aspect of your decision involves the comfort and safety of your pet dog. You want to ensure that they are not only taken care of, but also free from contracting any diseases or hazardous substances. The least you would want to happen is for your pet dog to return home with an illness.

If you are comparing dog or cat boarding kennels, you have to be on the lookout for four key safety and health guidelines:

Water and Food Situation

This is the most important aspect to look into when finding the right dog motel. If possible, you have to conduct physical check of the actual dog facility. Make sure they have clean drinking water and food containers. Also, there should be one container for each pet to ensure that everyone is fed properly. You can also inquire with the owner of the pet hotel if you can have a look at their pet food supply. If you have any specific requests as to the type of dog food you want for your pet, speak to them about it. The best pet care facilities are willing to accommodate the request of their guests to provide optimum care for their pets.


Access to Vet Service

Of equal importance to the quality of food and water, a luxury dog accommodation must have their own veterinary service, too. If not, they should have easy access to a vet’s services. This is important to ensure that your pet dog has immediate access to services from a vet in case of an emergency.

Parasite Control

When you assign care for your pet dog to a pet care facility, you also stand the risk of exposing your pet to harmful parasites. Most dog care facilities allow pets to mingle with each other or engage in play activities. You have to check the parasite control methods employed within the facility. Thus, you can have peace of mind knowing that your dog is not going to contract any disease while in the facility.

Immunization and Medication

Whether or not your pet dog requires medication or immunization, it is important to check if a pet care facility can cater these services. There is no way to predict when accidents can happen. Or, if they can get into a fight with another pet. The facility owner should provide you with a definitive plan on how they plan on caring for your pet when it does happen.

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