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Preparing for Pet Boarding

One of the options pet owners have when it comes to leaving their pets behind on a trip is leaving them with well-meaning, but untrained friends or relatives. However, the results are most often unsatisfactory. Leaving your pets with such part-time custodians can easily lead to frequent illness attacks and escapes. Some of the reasons for such negative experiences are due to the lack of knowledgeable and reliable supervision. To ensure that your pet is safe and secure, consider hiring the services of a cat motel, if you are here in Australia.

Pet motels allow your pet to enjoy a happy boarding experience and allow you to concentrate on what you are dealing with knowing that your pet is provided with the best pet care possible. However, it is imperative that you and your pet are well prepared for the change. Listed below are critical points that will help you be prepared.

Make Reservations Early

During vacation times and on holidays, most cat and dog motel facilities are fully booked. Waiting until the last minute to make reservations is likely to leave you disappointed. When making reservations, ensure that you have a list of all the items that may be required for your pet. Some of the items include:

  • Immunization records
  • Special food
  • Medication
  • Bedding
  • Toys

Ensure that you put in place plans for individual services that you think should be performed during your pet’s stay in a kennel. Some of the services you should enquire about include shipping, training and grooming. Remember to verify the payment methods acceptable (money orders, personal checks, or credit cards) by the cat motel.

Pet Preparation for Boarding

Remember your pet, like humans, appreciates a break in a new environment with new friends. Once your dog has become familiar with new surroundings, he or she can have an exciting, marvelous time, just like summer camp for kids. Adult cats, on the other hand, seem inclined to sit and quietly observe the daily luxury cat accommodation routine.

Before taking your pet to the kennel facility, ensure that you do not over feed it. Extra food is not necessary and can lead to an upset stomach. Finally, since your pet can sense and reflect your emotions, it is critical that you do not let family members exhibit an emotional farewell scene. Your pet can become unnecessarily anxious about visiting the kennel, and this can result in some form of dramatic display.

Check-In During Business Hours

Some of the things kennel operators need to know include your name, residence address, phone number, date of return, additional services you consider important and how to reach you in case of an emergency. All this and more information will ensure that the operators are better able to take care of your pet. Do not be surprised if a luxury dog accommodation operator asks you to leave your dog at the office rather than placing the dog in the run immediately. This allows your dog to realize that you trust the operator to take care of him or her.

Relax and Enjoy Your Trip

Remember, you are leaving your pet in the hand of capable professionals. Cat motel (and dog) at Acacia Ridge Pet Resort offers your pets more attention and care than they receive at home.